Azulejos artist: Sergio Mora
Grand Opening 17th NOV 2016 MIAMI

In the spring of 2015 I received an email from Philippe Starck and Bruno Borrione studio asking me for collaborate with them on a project for the Chef José Andrés.

It was two restaurants for the SLS hotels, one in Miami and other one in New York.
On 17 November, the “Bazaar Mar” restaurant inside the hotel “SLS Brickell” Miami will be inaugurated, after more than one year working on it.

The Starck vision has been to combine tradition and modernity.
The idea was that the first feeling upon entering the restaurant makes you think that the murals of Spanish or Portuguese traditional “azulejos”
but in a second reading, you discover in the details my surreal universe, with a poetic tone and humorous.
where you can find “toreros” Jumpsuits whit sharcks, or sirens speaking by mobile phone or eating paella at the bottom of the sea.


“Bazaar Mar” is a restaurant dedicated to fish so my proposal was to work with the language of typical sailor tattoos aesthetic Old School.
Sirens and Neptunes, and images of the sea mixed with toreros and flamencas.
Soil drawings are images of the seabed, the walls reflect the sea surface and ceiling we can see the sky and cosmic images.

Once the designs was maked, artisans of Talavera de la Reina and l´Alcora (Castellón) have played hand made my designs on tiles, under my supervision.
In the case of the restaurant “Bazaar Mar”, the company “Art Antic” of l’Alcora was responsible for the murals that cover the ground, and “Ceramics San Ginés” of Talavera de la Reina, took care of the walls.

Special thanks for the architect and Juli Capella for recommends my work to José Andrés and thanks to Starck and Borrione for believe in me.

The opening of the restaurant is 17 November. 2016
Just the same day of the Grammy awards that I’m nominated for the design of the album “El poeta Halley” of the spanish band “Love of Lesbian”.
It will be an very exciting day.

On December 20th 2016 will be the opening of an exhibition at the “Casa Camper” Barcelona Hotel, with a sample of the designs development process of the azulejos murals, curated by Ramon Ubeda.

  • November 11, 2016