Thousands of tiles designed by Sergio Mora and produced by artisans from Talavera and l’Alcora decorate every corner of Chef Jose Andrés Bazaar Mar’s restaurant at Miami’s SLS Brickell hotel designed by Philippe Starck

Chef José Andrés about Mora

“In the kaleidoscopic world of Sergio Mora, nothing is what it seems to be. It’s a continuous blink of the eye in the realm of impossibility.” (JOSÉ ANDRÉS, Chef) En el caleidoscópico mundo de Sergio Mora, nada es lo que parece ser. Es un continuo guiño en el reino de lo imposible” (JOSÉ ANDRÉS, Chef)

Philippe Starck about Mora

“MORALAND is a country ruled by an iron hand by Sergio Mora, the severe dictator who compels his citizens to live in extreme poetry, series lightness, totalitarianism of humor, laborious elegance, dangerous benevolence, absolutism of fun. Worse, this estate is a state of being. A state condemned to sublime happiness. The rest of the world […]